KamiHerba Campaign #9 -- Menstrual Patch (3rd Entry for July 2011)

Menstrual Patch
Untuk Melegakan Sengugut Sewaktu Kedatangan Haid

RM10 with postage fee (pos express)

Open the vacuum packing bag, remove the bag, torn face is pasted on the human body "intermediate points" (three inches below the belly button), you can paste the underwear outside.

Product ingredients:
With iron powder, activated carbon powder, salt, vermiculite, lavender powder and other raw materials.

Product Features:
Pei-yuan strengthen our foundation, promoting blood circulation, warm through the pain, social wet and cold; qi and blood, improve microcirculation, warm Kung Pao overcast and warm blood, ovarian conservation, and promote uterine contraction, overall conditioning the female reproductive system.

Seller Details :
1) Website : KamiHerba Enterprise (click to view)
2) Cara² Pembelian : Click Here!
3) Contact Number : 013-3750448 (Nadia - SMS Only)
4) Email : kamiherba@gmail.com

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Ardini Humaira said...

sape senggugut mesti beli! :)

Cik Rose Cute said...

Sis tak ada sengugut....Biasanya anak2 dara jer yang mengalami perkara sengugut nie...