Craft and Crochet Campaign #2 (Entry for Dec'11)

Crochet Drawstring Angry Bird
Harga: RM10 (excluded postage)
Size: 12cm

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Crochet Headband Colorful
Harga: RM10 each (excluded postage)

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Crochet Love Strap
Harga: RM1.50 each (exlcuded Postage)

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Crochet Brooch Rose 3 layers
Harga: RM3.50 each (excluded postage)

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Crochet Rose Keychain
Harga: RM3.50 each (excluded postage)

For more Keychains (available), please click --- HERE :)

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1) Website : Craft and Crochet (Click to view)
2) Email :

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-- kesemua gambar diatas di tayangkan
dgn izin Craft and Crochet

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fieda said...

cantik2 hasil kerja tangan Tihara ni..

My Life's Journey said...

Menarik ..yang angry bird ya best hihi


ala tomeinya pouch angry bird tu..tomei sungguh..

merahitujambu said...


eVa said...

aieee cutee!!!

KhaiZa said...


Tihara said...

thanks zie :)