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A little bit about my makeup service: ______________________________________________________________________

My ideas of perfect makeup is to emphasize a person's beauty and not hide it behind a mask. I believe everyone looks beautiful in natural but at most radiant and effortlessly beautiful!

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✿Bride's Maid 

 Interested in my makeup? Do not hesitate to contact me:
- 0192655884


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H/p No.: 019-2655884

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-- kesemua gambar diatas di tayangkan
dgn izin dan personally given by Sukma Makeup & Beauty

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** Tidak melebih drpd 5 gambar
** Draft di buat anda sendiri (jgn terlampau pjg)
** Entry review in normal mode.

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✿A I N A A✿ said...

perghh cantiknyaaa.. ena teringin nak tengok muka ena bila bermakup.. boleh la try nanti

azizah :) said...

cantiknya lepas mekap...

Riena Haiqal said...

wahhh cantiknya.. teknik makeup dia terus jadi cantik la