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Special entry to fashion’s addicted 

To sell variety of fashion all over Malaysia and share what's new on a market.... 
We try to give you best price... (^_^)  

How to buy..? First you have to add 
and join the group. 
 or kindly email me at this address : ujie_sukma@yahoo.com 

 Offering the best price in town… 


1) Tudung

2) Skirts/Tops

3) Long dress

All this items sell at a reasonable prices… the best price ever offered.. 
Buy 2 items and above you will enjoy free postage.. So let’s shop with us.. 

 ……………… Happy Shopping Fashionista’s ………… 

 Disclaimer :-
-- kesemua gambar diatas di tayangkan
dgn izin dan personally given by Fashionista

Pay Per Post Entry Review:-
-- RM5 per entry review. Entry in normal mode (BUKAN in sticky mode)
Pilihan masa utk entry di publishkan adalah on 9am ATAU on 1pm.

Terms & condition utk Pay Per Post Iklan:-
** Tidak melebih drpd 5 gambar
** Draft di buat anda sendiri (jgn terlampau pjg)
** Entry review in normal mode.

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zh-ena said...

cantiknya skirt

✿A I N A A✿ said...

ena dah join dah.. hehehehe

Misz Mieza said...

Iols skang nak start buat koleksi maxi dress.. Nak ubah image baru.. In Shaa Allah.. =)

Razil Tahir said...

ala.aa.. baju lelaki tade?

Riena Haiqal said...

wah maxi dress lagi la.. cantik nya

azizah :) said...

cantiknya yg skirts/tops tu...menarik pulak.