Pos Barang Customers

Hehe...1st time since zie berniaga kecil² secara online, zie terlupa utk pos barang customers bila tiba hari penghantaran (utk product eskinol dan ribbons sahaja). Sepatutnya pd hari khamis semalam zie pos kan. Gara² terlampau busy (ye lah...a working mom and a on9 businesswoman)...

...Zie terlupa koo. Nasib baik semua customers sgttt sgttt memahami. Sorry ea uols. Time lunch nanti zie akan buatkan penghantaran. Thank you :)

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Rosmiza Ali said...

Bz ko uols.. Semoga become a successfull working mom & businesswoman! ^^,

Anonymous said...

Online business involves trust.. so it is advisable that seller MUST REMEMBER to send out the things customers ordered. Just my 2cents.

Zie Madini said...

--- yeah. i know. this is the 1st time this thing happened. I am only human being and my brain are not computerized.

At least i come out clean and apologised my customers rather than i just give them the tracking no. and inform them i already post it out.

which one they prefer? the truth or lie? by the way, thanks for ur 2cents

~♥dieyba_baby♥~ said...

bgus kak zie.. bisnes online semakin maju.. diba doa kan sentiasa ramai org beli.. amin :)

Wani Jai said...

Askum sis,nk tye nh.cm nw nk juin jd cm sis nh.da emel tp cm xsmpai jw.nk sgt juin.plz fedbck,fb nur hazwani (snob).nk sgt tmbh pndaptan r.plz

Wani Jai said...

Sis,nk jd agen cm sis lx x.nk juin an sis.mnt sgt.xtao nk wt cm nw.plz fback.nh fb sye nur hazwani(snob).thx u