Bling Frosted PC Phone Case Review

Still lagi tak dapat move on dengan casing yang super gorgeous nie. Sooooo bling bling ♥ Its sooooo me! How much it cost??? Cheap worries. 

The black one, i got it from Shopee. Only cost me RM35 including postage. Waited for almost a month for it to finally arrived... phewww ~ 

Meanwhile the Red one, i got it from Taobao. Only cost me RM19. More cheaper than shopee, huh. So regret didn’t bought the black one at taobao too...aiyoooo. Waited less than 7 days for it to arrived. Cheaper and faster compare to Shopee, right ^_^

Now u know where i get it... so, what are u waiting for?! Make sure u can read chinese if u plan to shopping at Taobao website. Hehehe

Nah, video dia plak. Shine Bright Like A Diamond! ♥

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